Lady Stardust – Luana, photography & retouching by Francesca Esposito

Lady Stardust - Luana, photography & retouching by Francesca Esposito


Art Direction: Eugenio d’Orio – Carlo William Rossi
Photography & Retouching: Francesca Esposito
Model: Luana Ardivelo
Make up: Fabiana Amabile

“I chose photography as a medium just because there are no words, but only images… everything is more immediate and in each shot – artistic or commercial – there is always a part of me, of my emotions, of my sensitivity.
Behind my camera, behind the scenes, I just vanish…

I studied Photography and Graphic Design at New Media and Art School of Naples, under the supervision of the photographer Simone Florena and the Art Director Marco Russo and then I specialized in Advertising Photography at Up Studio – Eugenio D’Orio and Michele Cozzolino’ school of Fashion, Still Life and Food Photography.
I also worked in the communication and organization of meetings and events for 7 years, gaining significant skills of mediation, reasoning and synthesis, succeeding in the delicate task of “glue” between clients, suppliers and staff.”

Francesca Esposito: behance / instagram