The last evening dress, project by Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio

Piecing it Together by Claire Pestaille

D-image studio, based in Pescara (Italy), came into existence in 2001 as a consequence of the collaboration of two photographers, Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio.
Ale and Ba like different things, but also like each other a lot and both love photography. They believe that complementarity is a richness that nobody can own has an individual, but only share with a partner.
They look at the best advertising and fashion photographers images of the past and the present and are very interested in cinematic and narrative photography. Following the example of “directors” like Erwin Olaf and Gregory Crewdson, they believe that making an image for advertising is a process that involves photography, but doesn’t finish in it.
For all these reasons, Ale and Ba believe that working as a team allows a more complex perspective on projects, and that experience with different photographic genres transforms the photographer into a powerful creative tool in the hands of art directors. They also believe that postproduction is essential to achieve an effective image in terms of communication, ensuring high-quality final results at every time.

Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio: D-image studio