Un-gravity constructions, paintings by Cinta Vidal

Un-gravity constructions, paintings by Cinta Vidal

With this work, the artist wants to show that we live in one world, but we live in it in very different ways, playing with everyday objects and spaces, placed in impossible ways to express that many times, the inner dimension of each one of us does not match the mental structures of those around us.

The architectural space, day-to-day objects, are part of a metaphor of how difficult is to fit everything that shapes our daily space: our relationships, work, ambitions and dreams…

The technique that Cinta uses helps the viewer to recognise the quotidian space that we all inhabit, assisting them to understand the ordered maze that is this proposal.

The exhibition is completed by three mirrors that the viewer can use to discover the hidden worlds in each work. (A mirror placed horizontally inverts reality).

“Gravitant” is a living exhibition: the paintings will be rotated each week, showing all possible orientations, giving the opportunity to each sub-world to be the protagonist.

“My name is Cinta Vidal Agulló.

I have been drawing since I was a kid. I studied at Escola Massana in Barcelona and when I was 16, I started working as an apprentice in Taller de Escenografia Castells Planas in St. Agnès de Malasanyes where I learnt from Josep and Jordi Castells to love scenography and the backdrop trade. I have also been working in the Opera de Sabadell painting all kinds of scenography elements.

I have never stopped experimenting with illustration and painting. I sell some of my works in the toys store El gat Corneli and I exhibit my work in some cafés in Barcelona.

I do commisioned work too: commisioned paintings, illustrations, murals, etc.”

Cinta Vidal Agulló: website

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