Molecular Addictions Collection by Aroha Silhouettes

Ingenious mix of line drawing and colour by Niki Pilkington

Everyone has his or her own secret indulgence. Molecular Addictions is a collection and a concept series where molecules are depicted in a way that shows the dark and lonely addictions we can have to addictive substances. Some of the molecules in the collection are easily accessible and consumed on a daily basis whereas others are illicit and taboo, consumed only by those that are truly addicted.
A piece from the Molecular Addictions Collection is a unique way to show the world what you’re truly craving as you go about your day. Kind of like a little wearable bat signal to other users who are on the same wavelength that you are.

Aroha Silhouettes: website

“I’m so proud to finally be able to introduce you to the complete Molecular Addictions Collection! Caffeine, THC, nicotine, MDMA, chocolate and DMT. This video is a combo of all six of the photoshoots that we did for the series over the last six months of 2011.”

Check out the full Molecular Addictions Collection here –

Photography – Kelly Jill

Hair And Makeup
Emma Garland
Talysia Ayala

Styling – Vincent Lee

Siri Elizabeth Williams
Kelsey Harker
Melissa Hamar
Stephanie Poato
Kimberly Rae
Anca Oala

Editing – Mark Telfer
Music – Addicted by Amy Winehouse