Meet Morph: the unexpected, unique Science Channel logo

Meet Morph: unexpected, unique logo design

Meet Morph. The evolution of Science Channel. Morph is fun, original and always unexpected. It can be microscopic or planetary in scale, but most importantly, Morph is always changing.

Based on the logo, designed in-house by Discovery Communications, IF was tasked with capturing “its personality and maintain a sense of surprise,” as well as “creating an authentic, emotional set of characters for the network. To make it unexpected, unique and systematic at the same time.”

“Using the new Morph logo designed by Discovery, we created a variety of themed elements – from promos and network IDs to logo bugs. We carried the look across multiple programming genres, as well as systematizing the brand to maintain a cohesive brand package.”

Morph represents the future of logo design. It’s not limited to the traditionally static logos of the past. It breaks out of the box. That’s Morph.

Directed by Ronnie Koff.
Music by: Sunbears! (​sunbears)
Song: I’m Alive