Evgeni K. Andreev, paintings

Amazing paintings by Ray Caesar

“For me the symbiosis, the unity of art, is the combination of graphic, painting, plastic (sculpture) and architectural elements. This is the strong effect of wall-painting, mosaics and decorative arts. The stylistic characteristics of my paintings are directly connected to my main specialization – decorative elements, stylized iconographic images and a rich variety of colors.
What inspires me? Bright, infinite sunlight subconsciously affects me, so that I render a mood of multi-colored harmony and spiritual imagery. An artist is influenced by his surroundings. Both nature and people have their influence. I am not drawing from nature – all of my paintings are a product of my imagination. The painter is a psychologist. In the process of drawing, I explore the connections between my spirituality and the images that I create, seeking the balance of composition, the harmony of color and shape, and last but not least, the message that I have to give the viewer.
A painting is like music and poetry – it creates a mood, it gives people the ability to dream; without dreams, one is a like a bird with broken wings.”

Evgeni K. Andreev: portfolio