Abstract urban composition: digital painting by Ernesto Galizia

Piecing it Together by Claire Pestaille

The world of Ernesto G. Galicia, which is also ours, seems so at rest as seen from above, is a world that instantly gives you everything together and not scary, as it can do our eyes rooted to the ground.
Starting from the visual sensation received from the outside saw with a new perspective, emerging space-time, patterns of thought through which the artist gives meaning to what he sees, making it be an abstract urban composition. It ‘an abstraction of reality as a process of clarification, a process serial, never mere repetition, work in progress that digs deep and finds the roots of the city, always having as sole objective is to find, maybe only in the mind, the city ideal where they really can not only survive, but live well.
In this process never starts from urban real plans, cities that have been seen, like New York or Los Angeles, are worked out and overcome. In the “New Town”, the city looks like a giant octopus that embraces everything and that in turn is embraced by water, the key to a city, the primary for life.

Ernesto Galizia: flickr / facebook