Creative digital painting by Cláudia Alves

Superb paper sculptures by Carlos Meira

Cláudia Alves, was born and grew in the city of Rio de Janeiro, studied Tourism, in the Estácio de Sá College. She entered the commercial area, when she worked with fashion. At the age of 25 years old, she moved to São José dos Campos (SP), where participated in the technician course of Interior Design, located in the Center Nobel of Arts, São Paulo. This course helped her to stimulate her perception for the aesthetic as previously aroused by fashion.
In 2000, she decided to tread another way, therefore she perceived that she had to invest in her creative potential. And without having the lesser idea that would go to work with plastic arts one day, in the following year she was registered in the Graphical Course, in Rio de Janeiro. Although, the course did not include digital painting, she discovered tools to paint in the Photoshop. Her first artistic images had been created still during the course. Finally, she feels that she found her way, her true vocation.
With the art already touched, she initiates her studies as self-taught, for techniques as: oil, acrylic and pen & ink on paper. Cláudia participates of diverse individual and collective, national and international expositions. She defines her style and technique as free and spontaneous, arisen of the soul. She follow the thought of the painter Wassily Kandinsky: “The artist must know that each one of the acts, each one of his feelings and his thoughts constitutes the subtle and impalpable material, but however solid, from which his workmanships are born, and that he is not free in his life, he is only free in his ART.”

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