Elementary (2012), Behind the scenes of the live action shoot

Elementary (2012), Behind the scenes of the live action shoot

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Elementary (2012) — Art of the Title

“Due to budgetary constraints, the aim was to get everything in camera with a minimal “we will just fix it in post” approach to the shoot. With the exception of the end card and about three shots that needed slight rig removal in Nuke, everything else was captured in-camera. Victor Duncan animated the credits, end title card, and transitions in After Effects, along with completing the necessary cleanup in Nuke.

Everything was shot digitally by Cinematographer Benji Bakshi on the Arri Alexa. We employed the use of various lenses, in particular a probe lens for a few shots, enabling us to get between some of the complexities of the structure and create an interesting perspective in the shot.

In total, we had a few days of editorial in Final Cut where I worked with Nathaniel Park. We have worked seamlessly together on numerous jobs in the past and this was no exception. I then completed the final colour grade in DaVinci Resolve.”



Main Title Sequence: Prologue Films
Creative Director: Simon Clowes
Producer: Ryan Robertson
Live Action Producer: Lee Buckley
Editor: Nate Park
Animator: Victor Duncan
Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper

Live Action: Prologue Films
Director: Simon Clowes
Line Producer: Lee Buckley
Post Producer: Ryan Robertson
Production Manager: Preston Clay Reed
Assistant Director: Travis Gold
Director of Photography: Benji Bakshi
1st AC: Salvatore Vega
2nd AC: Johanna Cerati
Production Designer: Andrew Clark

Studio: CBS
Creator: Robert Doherty
Executive Producers: Robert Doherty, Michael Cuesta, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly
Producer: Alysse Bezahler
Co-Producer: Geoffrey Hemwall

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