Figural paintings by Carrie Vielle

Carrie Vielle has been drawing and painting her entire life.
She was born in Victoria, B.C. into a family and community immersed in the arts. Her family members include fine artists, photographers/film makers, actors, writers, musicians and composers – all of whom enriched Carrie’s arts education.

Carrie holds a BA in Studio Art and a BA in Art History from Eastern Washington University. During her last year of her undergrad coursework, Carrie took a life-changing trip to Europe and was able to experience the incredible art and architecture she had been studying for so many years. Shortly after finishing her Bachelor degrees, she started teaching art and design classes at a college in Spokane, Washington. Carrie fell in love with teaching and found it a talent she didn’t know she had. She returned to EWU and earned a MA in Art History in 2003. This time, her coursework took her to Nice, France, where she lived for two summers studying the language, culture and art.

In addition to art, Carrie works very hard to ensure that traveling will always be a part of her life. For the past nineteen summers, Carrie spends several weeks working as a tour guide for custom art and cultural workshops in Europe. One of Carrie’s most thrilling accomplishments came in 2004 when she was one of two Washington state college instructors awarded teaching positions in Florence, Italy, where she taught Art History and Drawing classes to American study-abroad college students. While living in Italy, Carrie toured the country studying the works of the Renaissance and Baroque Masters. “Walking past Michelangelo’s David everyday was the most magical, surreal experience of my life.”

Throughout her education, traveling and teaching career, Carrie has been creating and exhibiting her work – developing the artistic process and style she creates with today. Her heavily textured and collaged backgrounds are intriguing complements to her fluid, graceful figures. Each work reveals a moment in time, figures seemingly at rest, yet filled with many potential stories.

Two years ago, after a very rewarding fifteen-year teaching career, she decided to pursue her artistic passions full time. Carrie’s work has been warmly accepted into national galleries and been included in international exhibits and collections.

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