Flower portraits, photography by Alex T

Flower portraits, photography by Alex T

“That what we see is a riddle. Reality is a one big question. The world delights us and, at the same time, scares us as we do not know how to identify it. Existential horror and admiration alternate; this is how we perceive reality, sometimes not even realizing it. The artist’s task is to look where few choose to.

Art is a way of knowing. As for me, art is a way to find the answer to the existential question concerning the origin and purpose of life. Knowing through art is always a revelation, transformation, admiration, surprise, and a feeling of mystery…

Music often inspires me to create new projects. It may be both classical and modern music. I listen to many genres of music so there is no sense to enumerate all of them. Sometimes I want to listen to the wonderful version of the Requiem by Mozart performed by Ricardo Muti. I like the piano recitals by Prokofiev, with their complex color, amazing tone play, as if you glimpsed the reflections of water glistening on the seabed. And, of course, the 9th symphony by Beethoven in Karayan’s version…

The fourth part should be dynamic, furious, rapid – real vivace flying from infinity to infinity. A feeling arises as if all of life, all its rough relief with black abysses and white sparkling tops is passing before you. And when the choir finally reaches its highest pitch, it’s as if the night sky is singing… it is just unutterable; and that what I feel takes my breath away. This music undoubtedly inspires…

This is how I see creativity:

Art should stimulate thinking.

Quantum mechanics should be connected with Renaissance aesthetics.

The mind and emotions should be used simultaneously.

It is as if a spectator had entered into a force field of strain, experiencing feelings that he could not put into words, when standing in front of a work of art. Let’s say that if a person can express in words what he (or she) feels looking at a work of Art, it means it is not Art.

I think that geometry should be at the foundation of good art. Beauty does not tolerate chaos or scorn. If mathematics is the frame of music, then geometry is the foundation of visual arts (for example, my projects Supersymmetry and Metamorphosis). Art should be intellectual, activate a cognitive ability and, at the same time, stimulate a deep emotional response.

I like to add complementary measurements to works. For instance, in the polyptych Florence, you can see a face if you look at the right part of the polyptych–it is in the shade of the figure. I’ll bet that at first glance, you didn’t pay it any mind. Well, the reason for that is I hid it very well.”

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