Paintings by Alla Tsank

Paintings by Alla Tsank

Alla Tsank was born in Moscow, Russia, where she began studying art at the age of 10. After graduating from Moscow Theatrical Art College in 1983, Alla was invited to work at Mayakovsky Theatre, one of the most well-respected theaters in the Russian Capital. There, she created stage design, costumes, and props for several years.

In the fall of 1990, Alla emigrated to the United States, and from 1998 until today she has been solely focused on painting.

Alla’s paintings are crafted with oils on canvas, linen, and paper using the traditional technique of carefully building fine layers of mostly transparent oils on top of each other.

Alla’s paintings explore the female form and its relationship to nature and the seasons, often generating contemplative scenes filled with emotional delicacy and tonal depth.

Her latest work reflects her unique poetic and deeply lyrical vision of the world that synthesizes European and American cultures and aesthetics.

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