The other People, fine art photography by Daniel Heller

Daniel Heller, fine art photography

The subject of this series is “The other People”. Often, mannequins have extraordinary expressions. They have a life of their own, just like people. They are “The other People”.

Daniel Heller is a professional architect and multidisciplinary visual artist. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the faculty of architecture in Florence Italy. He works in several art mediums including fine art photography.

Early work mainly of figurative subject matter, was executed in a surrealistic style and indicated a strong graphic drawing inclination. He was strongly influenced by works of the old masters. He embraced the digital tools of the modern era as an integral part of his creative workflow. His artwork is about subjects he wishes to “talk” about, an art created with a message. He lives and works in New York.

Daniel Heller: website / behance