Little red hood – Le Petit Chaperon rouge, illustration by Emilia Dziubak

Le Petit Chaperon rouge Fleurus Editions France 2014 Emilia Dziubak: website / behance

The Mystic Alphabets, digital art by Ise Ananphada

Experimental design with the alphabet poem Freelance illustrator, Ise Ratta Ananphada (Ratinan Thaicharoen) was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Known as feminine figure illustration style with delicate detail and pastel color palettes. “I just an ordinary illustrator who has personal preference for drawing pictures of the portrait of females” Ise Ananphada is known for her delicate...

Brushpen lettering set superheroes edition by David Milan

David Milan: website / behance / facebook

Magic: The Gathering – Wizards of the Coast, project by Chase Stone

“Some paintings I did for Magic: the Gathering, Wizard of the Coast.” Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC Chase Stone is an illustrator based in New York. He received a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from FIT in 2011. Though recently graduated, Chase has been working as a freelance illustrator and concept...

Red Bull Air Race 09 – Pilot Canvas, project by Diogo Machado

“Red Bull Portugal proposed the challenge to make 15 artworks, one for each pilot in the Red Bull Air Race. As a result, this 15 framed canvas, each inspired individually in the pilots background, interests and team colors. Each is signed in the back and has a text about the Portuguese Azulejo tile. In Portugal,...

3D illustrations incorporating common objects by Victor Nunez

Illustrator Victor Nunes is seemingly obsessed with creating illustrations from common objects like pencil caps, pieces of popcorn, hair brushes, and rubberbands. Victor Nunez: facebook Via:

Women, digital art by Silvia Brumana

“I create illustrations where the women are similar to dolls and animals are very strange. My characters have large eyes and heads. I like the strong contrasts between light and shadow.” Silvia Brumana: behance

Star Wars Trilogy, posters by Olly Moss

Client: Lucasfilm/Mondo Officially licensed, screen printed Star Wars posters. Edition of 400. Olly Moss: website / flickr

Pierre Kiandjan, digital art

“Hello, my name is Pierre. I am a 27-year-old self-taught graphic designer from Paris, France. I studied broadcast technology and management sciences at Paris-Dauphine University, then I have worked as a broadcast producer in a French national public radio network.” Pierre Kiandjan: behance / website / facebook

Joey Chou, illustration

Joey Chou, illustrator who lives in sunny Los Angeles, enjoy making animation, books and art. Joey Chou, a 2006 graduate from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, is currently an animation artist for the Kung Fu Panda TV series at Nickelodeon. He has illustrated for several children’s books, self-published his own book, and most...

Amazing paper cut-out style, illustrations by Kimberly Jolanda

Kimberly Jolanda or simply Kim or KJ is a talented freelance digital artist based in the Netherlands who creates amazing paper cut-out style illustrations ‘digitally’ using her own unique technique that uses flowing curves along with watercolourish vibrant colors to achieve the effect. Kimberly Jolanda: website / facebook Via:

Illustrations by kelogsloops

Illustrations by Australia based artist kelogsloops. kelogsloops: deviantArt Via: