Bokeh – macro photography by Dimitar Lazarov

Bokeh - macro photography by Dimitar Lazarov

“My name is Dimitar Lazarov – Dim. I graduated from the “Tsanko Lavrenov” High School of Fine and Monumental Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with painting profile.

Within my professional life as an artist, I can mention several solo exhibitions, two of which organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, as well as several awards, received over the years.
Art has been a major part of my life ever since I can remember and as such has helped me create my own style not only as an artist and iconographer, but as a photographer as well.

The beginning of my passion towards photography was in 2006, making photos with not that expensive camera, shooting everything around me and having a lot of fun doing it. Shortly after, I realized this passion is not just a phase in my life, but something I would like to develop. I am proud of the solo and joint exhibitions, I’ve made since that time, as well as of the awards I was honored with.

Over these years I created my own style – practical art-photography, as I call it – shooting mostly macro and still life. My main aim is to create pieces that will accompany every interior or exterior design, giving every place its own style and atmosphere.
And yet, macro and still life are not the only that interest me, I also do abstract and conceptual photographs, as well as portraits.

I find inspiration in everything around me, even at home. The smallest and most common object could be an inspiration. For me finding the different point of view, different light, different emotion is what motivates me to be better and better with each photograph. The joy and satisfaction of being a photographer and doing what I enjoy is what motivates me to look forward and try to improve myself every day.”

Dimitar Lazarov – Dim: website / behance