Dream travel with Diuna

Dream travel with Diuna

“One day a small puppy of Czechoslovakian wolf dog turned out into our life. We called her Diuna (Dune) and decided to take her with us on our journeys, even into most difficult destinations from our dreams.

In 2014, we left for our dream travel; this time towards Mongolian Altai. We left Poland on bicycles, reaching Bayan-Olgij after 84 days/5250 km. Diuna accompanied us running by bicycle or riding in a special trailer. We went for two dogtrekkings in Mongolia: towards Tavan Bogd Uul (summiting Malchin peak, 13,287 ft) and Tsambagaraw (withdrawing from 13,300 ft). Together we spent two months in Mongolia, returning with our dog by trans-Siberian railway.

In 2013, we were awarded by National Geographic Poland “Travel of the Year” prize for our trek with Diuna in Garhwal Himalaya.

Are you afraid of traveling together with your dog? Don’t worry, take your pal with you, be a responsible person and don’t leave your 4 paws’ friend behind. You won’t regret it!”

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