Wendy Ng, paintings

Wendy Ng, paintings

Wendy Ng’s new body of work explores elegance through the female form, pattern and shapes drawn from nature. The artist experiments with the qualities of the paint and the accidental textures produced.

Searching within this, she finds natural patterns that can become the basis of more developed decorative elements. The subtle colour harmonies combined with overlapping patterns and silhouettes, create contrasts; balanced between the abstract and the illusion.

Within the complexity of pattern, the hidden is revealed. By contrasting hard and soft shapes and tones, Wendy’s work has a fascinating diversity of female forms, and the endless variety of ways to portray them.

Wendy Ng’s work presents itself in an enclosed space of aesthetic form and complex structure. It can be described as, dismantled and transformed evanescent beauty, that is sensual and organic.

The Illusive series of female figures that gaze out from the canvas, are laden with mystery and multiple perspectives that imply the illusionary haze of overlapping memories. A composition is being orchestrated; organic and geometric beauty is revealed before the viewer, and the past retreats as the present becomes fluid.

The artist’s technique is conflicting; combining realism with an abstract vision, the works can be likened to that of Juan Gris; whose objects were broken up, analysed and re-assembled in an abstracted form.

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